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Corey Hitchcock
Shamanic & Geomantic
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Restore all things
to their one true nature.
- Bodhidharma

On Working with Corey

'My journeying with Corey has helped me release old individual, family and ancestral patterns that no longer served me. I experienced the shift in an immediate, tangible and lasting way and have seen that once the work is done, it is a complete healing. It is done.

As someone who's engaged in individual therapy, group work, bodywork, and other types of healing modalities, I was surprised and impressed with the accuracy of her work, the way it addresses patterns that began long ago, and her ability to gather all available resources in all realms, to catalyze change in the HERE and NOW.

Corey's gentle, yet direct nature, her understanding and trust in the nonlinear realms she journeys in, and some immediate on-point observations and guidance from her spiritual teachers set me at ease. I also appreciate that she does not pretend to know that which is still unclear or not ready to be seen yet and will be honest when that is the case.

In private and group sessions, Corey facilitates beautiful journeys that add richness, depth, wisdom and meaning to my life. My work with her quickly expanded into healing family relationships, closing the door on painful unfinished business, opening up to love with an available partner (to whom I am now engaged), and stepping into my own power as a journeyer who can receive profound teachings when I ask.

Some of the lasting gifts include tools, visual images and rituals that have helped me live these new understandings in day-to-day life, as well as a deeper connection to and trust in the resources of my animal, ancestral, and spiritual allies. I am grateful to have begun the work with her, and trust her immensely to offer kind truth and tender guidance in the future.'

Susan DGL, Psychotherapist, Oakland

' Corey is truly a gift. Her work along with her gentle, supportive and insightful presence has brought significant and wondrous changes to my life.
I encourage anyone who is seeking to grow and dramatically improve their own life, to meet with Corey and experience her amazing shamanic expertise, as well as her keen insight into humanity for themselves.'
- K.W., Los Angeles, CA

'Sometimes we need reminders of what is waiting for us in the wings.  We get so focused on the minutiae of daily life that the parts of ourselves we’ve ignored for years get very quiet.  In my sessions with Corey, she was able to connect with those “lost” energies and reintroduce them to me.  Who wouldn’t want to bring back the spunky teenager who is filled with light, creativity and ready to take anything on?!  Thank you, Corey!'-

Pat R. Sr. Mgr. of Prof. Services team for a software company

'Corey has done some very helpful work for myself and my family. One depleted and distracted teenager has been much more on track since then.  Using her protections and recommendations, we have undertaken many risky and difficult endeavors and journeys without undue mishaps.' - 

Krista F., M.D. Richmond, CA




Above: Detail: Monkey See mixed media on paper 2016 Nevada County, CA

'Corey is able to work with her spirit helpers to bring back accurate information about my spiritual needs, to provide physical healing for my heart problem, and to help me with some of my personal issues that have affected me from birth. Corey can be trusted to work with spirit to determine what you may need before she recommends any treatment. I have found Corey to be very conscientious in her treatment of people and she is very impeccable in her relation to spirit. I enjoy every moment I get to spend working with her. She is very knowledgeable about spirit and art and nature and is willing to share her knowledge freely with those who want to learn. I would consider Corey a valuable addition to any endeavor.'

Leon S., Electrical Engineer, Spokane, WA

'rouser workingCorey is deeply skilled and caring in guiding people through a healing process and creative transformation.' - VS

'I called Corey to help my brother-in-law and our extended family through a difficult life transition he was experiencing on several levels. She facilitated very profound work for him that touched and involved the entire family including our ancestors.' 

'Corey's vision and awareness includes the importance of ritual and offering in the healing process.  Accessing the significance of our family history, allowed us to acknowledge and hold space for a transformation that deepened family connection and healing.' S.C.P.

'Corey's work provides a powerful conduit that helps people journey through their experiences in a way that brings deeper awareness, expanded understanding, and healing. The information that came out of our sessions was revealing and informative. It provided direction for a process that unfolded at the same rate as my readiness to experience it. This process ultimately resulted in a catharsis that was healing and beautiful in its simplicity.'

J.B., Writer, San Francisco, CA

'Corey's work has been crucial in guiding my awareness of deep changes taking place in my body and in my life this year.  Her council and ritual process along with visionary assessments have provided a spiritual framework that has allowed me to hold both the bigger picture and my own vision for what was unfolding and to begin integrating.' -

S.C.Teacher, Artist, Oakland, CA

Recovery - 2001 C.Hitchcock