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Shamanic Healing:

Every healing story is wondrously unique; like a beautiful intricate knot, the threads must be pulled gently and respectfully. I am always amazed by the response and guidance of compassionate spirit allies when they are called to the aide of an individual who is suffering.

Healing sessions anchored in shamanic method help address the underlying causes of chronic illnesses; end harmful patterns in a family’s soulful genome; clear houses or land of harmful energy or influences; renew lost vitality and joy; remove obstacles to professional goals; mysterious ailments; release outworn, or negative influences; bring in positive influences; enhance and identify your gifts; make peace with troubled ancestors; address land issues, and many other situations where usual methods do not fully address the whole story of loss, trauma or attachments.

Healing Histories

These are true stories culled from past experiences in my work as a shamanic practitioner for over twelve years, with many individuals and families. I have noticed that some of the reasons people come for help overlap and inform each other. To protect the privacy of individuals and families, the names have been changed or omitted.

Ancestral stories

Work with ancestors is often a factor in healing. They are with us in blood and bone. They watch over us and also require our attention. We may find ourselves unknowingly following in their footsteps; working through patterns of unfinished business, or mirroring their preoccupations, without prior knowledge. Westerners tend to look away from the past, or disassociate from ancestry except in its most positive manifestations. The West is about ‘the new’ and is the ‘new country’ for families who immigrated here.  Every bright light has its shadow, and it is very important to acknowledge those who came before us with compassion, and without judgment. Healing any disconnect between generations can help restore ease and resolve the basis for many modern day afflictions.

 Geomantic Assessments…

are essential when the landscape has been harmed or interfered with in some way. When this occurs whether from, drilling, mining, old disasters or battlefields, dammed or diverted water courses or any type of pollution, the health of every living system and creature is affected. Houses or professional buildings built over disrupted water courses will become energetically toxic over time and affect the everyday moods, health and intentions of inhabitants. Geomancy works with earth systems and influences to find collaborative ‘cures’, encourage releases and enhancements to bring energetic influences back into proper balance. Geomancy in its most immediate and basic form is one of direct communication with the earth.

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