Personal healing work

Every individual has unique qualities, connections and influences including the ancestral, so every session and preceding investigation will be unique to you.

Healing is a mysterious, synchronistic and multi-faceted process and involves opening to the possibility of great change.

You are an important collaborator in the process. The ultimate desirable focus for any session is the resolution of obstacles to your health and well being and in sourcing empowerments which endure.

Beginning this work is empowering in itself, because it turns you toward rather than away from something dragging on you – stealing or leaking energy, something you can not see, or face in any usual way. This is already a healthy approach.

The transpersonal healing process is very seldom linear, logical, or easily explained.

Please contact me if you are called to explore something unresolved or chronic or if you simply feel you need an ally for great change.

We humans like to hold on to our stories. This is not usually helpful!

Patterns of behavior and affinity create stories, which can also contain seeds of affliction. These may not originate with you, and may be generations old. If you look carefully at your lineage/ancestors, (your mother, her mother and so on or on your father’s side,) you will begin to see patterns positive and negative. Unresolved influences from ancestors may play a key part in what turns the lives and fortunes of descendants. Places too, may attract people with their own resonance for healing.

(see Geomancy) These issues and others may be part of what needs to be addressed for your personal work.

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A Personal Session at my home in Penn Valley
(Grass Valley/Nevada City area)

These sessions may last up to 2 hours or more in some cases. Every emerging situation is unique and I allow for that. $150.+ whatever you care to give is my determined fee. This is an important part of sealing the work and traditional as an exchange of value.

Personal Sessions at your home

This service includes a thorough shamanic inquiry & then a follow-up session at your home or in the affected location. These sessions may last up to 2 hours or more. And may need a follow-up visit the next day. Every situation is completely unique. If I need to travel a great distance we will need to talk about that as part of my compensation in this exchange. You may also need to purchase items for ritual. $250.+ whatever you care to give is applicable here.