• Clearing a Salvage Yard – Removing Toxic Influences

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Under normal circumstances additional work would have been recommended and undertaken by me to protect and clear any descendants, who inherited not only the land, but the unresolved deeds of their ancestors. This kind of solid and comprehensive resolution is not always possible because it is beyond the scope of the people involved to understand the need, and could then even become dangerous. In this instance blessings were cultivated for the sake of the land itself, anyone who perished there, and anyone who stepped foot there. Human pollution of a once pristine rural site is inexplicable at best. But usually this kind of blatant disregard for life is the product of other previous unresolved traumatic loss, betrayal and shock. Negative energies can attract one another and begin to stew up a potent brew in a place, unless interrupted and released. I was very happy to be able to work to return this place to a measure of health. Natural energies instrumental in supporting our healing work on this land, assured us that the work would go on slowly but steadily to ‘compost’ away the remaining toxins


I was called by a removals contractor to come to a massive job site, because negative influences there had affected his workers and himself. He was a pragmatic, can do person, but after a trusted coworker had an unsettling, eerie experience in an upstairs loft, he began to believe he needed some otherworldly help.

The site was a cyclone fenced salvage and debris yard of many acres. There were toxic substances in barrels and presumably in the ground, old vehicles, several locked buildings packed to the rafters with miscellaneous furniture, many large building components, old outmoded tools, heavy machinery and even an enormous marine diesel engine, all to be removed and sold if possible as the owner had passed away leaving his estate in disarray.

The coworker, a young man in his twenties, had been the first to go upstairs in the stuffy main building to find a place to change before work. While there he felt a disturbing, even menacing presence surround him, leaving him fuzzy brained, stunned and apprehensive. He hurriedly dressed to leave but was unable to shake the sinister presence, and felt sick by the end of the day. Though he tried to make light of it, and was usually the ‘clown’ on the job site, he was now morose.

A shadow story began to unfold about the property, the character of the former owner and his various family members. My client T. and I became increasingly aware that violent acts had taken place on the property. Some were possibly instigated by members of the family who still owned the land. None of these incidents had ever been disclosed or investigated. T. wanted to be able to work there safely, and without any harm to himself or his workers. So none of what we suspected could be aired. T., of course, wanted any unresolved spirits to be at rest, but needed to get on with the job and not balk at any request to work or clear areas he was getting from agents of the owners.

I proceeded to work with my spirit allies there, but with caution. In short, there had been a history of violent group actions on the property. The death of at least one homeless person had certainly occurred. A fierce fire had killed a woman living on the premises in a trailer. Another member of the owner’s family had died in suspicious circumstances shortly after the fire, but, for whatever reason, his spirit did not appear to me on the property. I met three spirits there who did not know they were no longer in their bodies. They had all experienced violent, traumatic deaths, as I witnessed them, not accidents.

I proceeded one by one, and carefully performed whatever was necessary to help these troubled spirits leave.  I was also instructed to place ‘cures’ around the fire zone, and other areas that held traces of terrible acts. One of these was the loft, where the young worker had accidentally intersected the force of an unwholesome influence, confined up there for years. I worked with him to help alleviate the affects of that experience on him.

My allies revealed that there were items buried under debris that might be physically dangerous to the workers, and this proved to be true, as they discovered several toxic pits below ground level. Another eerie turn of events began when the overwrought young heiress, revealed some fearful knowledge of the stories I had found evidence for,  as she and the contractor surveyed the property.

An overnight security guard, who had watched over the property for a decade or more, with ‘no unusual occurrences’, reported a very hair-raising night after I began performing rituals of clearing. He knew nothing of my activities, and simply reported this experience to the estate’s executors. He said he had heard men’s voices calling out his name, and had seen small moving lights all over the property. Objects had fallen out of sight with loud crashes, but he could find no trace of any disturbance as he searched. A very complete haunting! He was still completely unnerved the next day.

My spirit allies explained to me that he had become inadvertently aligned with the property ‘the way it had been’, with the toxins, negative influences and all. As healing began to take place from these various dark influences, he was oddly out of sync with the new, and so was treated to the full force of what was leaving. This strange haunting did not reoccur, which supported their explanation.

This complex, but settling work to release trapped spirits, soothed the workers tremendously, and the job site returned to one of good humor and industry. Even the Mexican workers, generally strong Catholics, were very appreciative of the energetic improvement on the site.  I had sensed their unspoken wariness of my non-religious approach. Everyone working there had been affected either consciously, or unconsciously by the toxic atmosphere and were all relieved to feel it leave. No one but myself and the head contractor knew the full story or extent of what influences were cleared.



• A Melancholy Patriarch Departs

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‘Soul stuckness’ is a recurrent theme in overly responsible, dutiful, and fearful people who die unexpectedly. They can have a difficult time leaving their perceived tasks, even to transition normally!  We know that obsessive busyness can distance us from what is really occurring in our lives, and it can be true in death as well. Extraordinary but true. A stuck spiritual oddity can gather energy until it demands to be attended to. It will ‘cry out’ in strange ways for help to be allowed to transition naturally.


A young divorced mother of two young children, C., moved back into a home she had shared before her marriage with her maternal grandparents. Her Grandfather, a beloved, old-country Italian patriarch, had passed away suddenly of a heart attack, while sitting in his new car in the closed garage. It had been five years since his death, and things had not gone well for the whole family since then. He had been the ultimate protector, the one who made everyone feel they had a family, and belonged. He also held the purse strings and helped family members out financially with loans, creating a complicated web of obligations after his death.

Shortly after C. and her children came to live in the old house, her grandmother showed signs of being seriously ill.  She went from the hospital to extended care and was not well enough to return to the house. So C. and her two children were alone there. This was when they began to experience odd influences, which made them increasingly fearful.

C. had described the house in glowing terms, as a kind of castle. This was the home her grandparents had always dreamed of and came to America to find. She described upstairs rooms that sounded enormous, full of family heirlooms and ‘treasure’, valuables of all sorts. She said she was sure ‘the uncles’, her grandfather’s unreliable brothers, were stealing valuable things from these rooms upstairs, because they were entering the house at night to do so. This nightly invasion was terrifying her and her children, who hadn’t slept solidly in months. The other odd effect of unresolved ancestral business was the constantly freezing temperature in the whole house. The thermometer never rose above 58 degrees, even when the heater’s thermostat could be heard clicking on, and inspections determined the system was functioning perfectly.

During my spirit investigations I saw that the patriarch would not yield his position as the ‘head of family’, even though he was deceased. He was also afraid of not crossing to the ‘heaven’ of his religion, because of perceived misdeeds in his youth.  He had become terribly stuck between worlds. He had a tremendous sense of obligation, a need to protect his wife, his extended family, and the house for his descendants. He was now clearly exhausted by his role, and needing to move on, but was caught in his own habitual, hyper responsibility. Spirit allies said the only way to reach him, to interrupt his preoccupations and allow him to transition, was to touch his heart by playing music: his beloved Caruso, singing his famous arias.

When I arrived at the house, I was simply stunned at the discrepancy between the granddaughter’s description and the reality. I was looking at a pleasant 1940’s stucco house, with a garage basement, and a mezzanine level, partial second story. This was the treasure trove; the castle of ancestral imagination. Two rooms upstairs were full of very odd, salvaged articles; cast offs, boxed appliances, like toasters, and piles of clothing presumably from the grandparents life. The granddaughter was living out the projection the two old people had, seeing the house as a magnificent fortress.

I was with two assistants who were drumming and burning sage in the house. And suddenly there he was, a very large man, in a black shirt and coat, sitting at the kitchen table. He was taking his medicine, counting out little white pills from a vial. I reminded him that he no longer needed those pills. He knew then why I was there, and seemed to relax.  Caruso was blaring full volume on the sound system in the living room.  And soon the patriarch was crying.  With some kind encouragement, he allowed his heart to attune to those he loved who were already gone, and I watched him leave in relief. There was an immediate palpable change in the house.

The teachers then uncovered a significant curse. A curse can vary in potency and can even be unintentional. But this one was a powerful, intentional thought-form with ill intent that followed a family member who had immigrated from the old country. This in turn affected the entire family. In the basement they reported traces of some ‘instrument’ or object he had stored there, beneath the heating unit. An object used by him, or someone else, for ‘evil purposes’.  Once the final traces were cleared, and ties appropriately severed, the heater began to work! By the time we left, the house was 70 degrees, and the granddaughter was stunned by the change she felt.



• Mrs. X is Still in Residence

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Owners and houses form intense bonds. Houses often serve as archetypal stand-ins, or surrogate selves. It is a good idea to perform welcoming rituals before moving into a home, especially if it has been detached from its former owner without proper closure. Many foreclosed homes fall into this category, even though the unhappy former residents are usually still living. The affects of their anger and heartbreak can be palpable. These homes can come with a ‘curse’ placed intentionally or unintentionally on anyone taking over residence. In this situation, because of the odd ghostly malaise that had plagued them, we also performed rituals to affirm the sisters’ desire to live in the house as their own, and to care for it. There were specific spirit tasks requested of them as new owners, and they complied with all of them. The atmosphere of the house changed remarkably from oppressive and charged, to calm and welcoming. No further incidents were reported.


Three adult sisters, two of whom lived together in a house they had recently purchased, called me to look in on what was occurring in their house. Most of the unusual events that took place happened in the dining room. They reported hearing the vacuum cleaner turn on, and sound as though it were being used to clean the rug in the room. When they went in, it would often switch off. The stereo set and lights in that room also, flickered, and turned themselves on and off. Things went missing, and were returned in very odd locations throughout the house, where the owners knew they had not left them. Both sisters seemed to be living in a fog with all of this, like sleepwalkers in their own home. Their visiting sister was alarmed, and called me on their behalf, after their young dog, who slept in the dining room, suddenly sickened and died.

When I looked in on the situation shamanically, it was decidedly eerie. There appeared to be two sets of spirits coexisting in the house with them. One set in the living room was benign, and protective, though attached to Mrs X. the former owner, in a familial way. But another spirit, which the sisters had apparently brought with them from their former apartment in the city, was more than a little disturbing. My teachers gave me very careful instructions on how to approach and soothe that spirit first, so it could be appropriately released.

Once I was in the house and beginning the work of clearing, the former owner, Mrs. X., an imposing, elderly african-american woman, approached me in the dining room and said, clear as a bell; ‘What are you doing in my house?’

Mrs. X. had apparently been forced to leave the house by her adult children, due to complications of dementia and other illnesses. They then sold it in grief, when she passed away, shortly after leaving. Mrs. X. had not been happy about leaving and it was definitely her activity in the house that was so disruptive, and primarily responsible for the strange malaise in the sisters. I performed very careful approaches, and ritual releases for the other spirits, but Mrs. X. appeared and disappeared, and I could not be sure she had really left.  At the end of my session there, she had seemed ready and willing to go, but she was still cantankerous and elusive.

The sisters reported that everything settled down and the house felt completely expansive and clear after the work; more peaceful and quietly homey. I instructed them to keep me informed if by chance anything else occurred. Two weeks later, I was called again because three items had gone missing. They were things each of the sisters used daily and needed. One missing item was a pair of new boots that the owner was ‘positive’ she had placed in her room. The other was a very necessary monthly bus pass, and the final thing was a small traveling makeup kit.

When I checked in, I saw the house was clear, and was told that Mrs. X. had been making her exit, and had extracted these things as payment for them living in her house! The items never returned, nor happily did Mrs. X.