• Dangerous Beauty – Elemental Attraction

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Since the completion of the mapping of the human genome, a new set of interesting studies has emerged inquiring into the parameters or extent of inherited traits. Geneticists are looking into these subsets of inheritance in what is now called the Epigenome  – Their studies focus on a set of genetically apparent inherited traits related to enormous traumatic events like widespread famine, a huge natural disaster and the horrors of genocide. Family patterns of trauma related to these kinds of huge events, appear to pass down tendencies for future afflictions and illnesses like diabetes and other systemic ailments just like inherited bone structures, intelligence and eye color.

The acknowledgement of this kind of inheritance by the scientific community is as close to agreement with the focus of shamanic healings as modern science has come. This was particularly affirming for me as a shamanic practitioner dealing with unseen roots of afflictions. The unusual inherited patterns that I am called on to investigate usually have dramatic, remembered family stories attached to them. When this is so, it can be easier to mark their progress in a line and their effect on descendants. In some cases these patterns originate from interference or interactions with powerful natural forces. These forces are often referred to as Elementals. Elementals exercise and use natural intelligence to interact with other living energetic entities, and we humans are wonderful ‘playthings’ for them because we have so much capacity for this kind of interaction. Our cultural myths are stories of humans doing just this – interacting with superhuman or godlike entities with mixed results in hopes of surviving and extracting some of their power for the good of humanity. 

These natural forces manifest as immense energetic entities, or unexplained phenomena attached to specific natural places. Ancient humans sometimes tried to tap or interact with this kind of power with placed stone circles or in oracular grottos. These immense energies can be disrupted or tapped in some cases for human purposes – for good or not so good.  But in essence this kind of power is not moral, empathic, or consistent in allegiance, no matter how magnificent or attractive it may be. Humans generally are no match for such elemental power. Our ancient cultural heroes succeeded because they were somehow aware that they must be approached with great care or not at all.

Unsuspecting humans can also be caught up in an elemental field without seeking contact and this is what happened to a family I was working with to help troubled descendants. Several ancestors in succeeding generations of this particular family had had tragic and strange deaths. They had become transfixed by these powers and in some cases stepped beyond safety barriers to plunge to their deaths over dangerous waterfalls.  The full force of this devastating pattern of shocking sudden loss and subsequent family trauma began to subside somewhat in successive generations. There were no new cases of this sort of death, but the remaining attachment to the story began to manifest as serious addiction – an obsessive attraction to another kind of powerful essence. The predisposition toward this kind of fixation in descendants had been passed down from this original elemental attraction. it is important for us moderns to be aware not only that these kinds of inheritances exist but that there are ancient ways to inquire, acknowledge and work with these root stories for familial healing.