Inquiry, Practice & Healing

Drinking From the Sacred WellsacredwellSt.Mobhis Ireland

We are alive in a playful, conscious universe.There is no separation between us and the living world in all its myriad forms and manifestations. We have access to all that is real and present in every moment. The sacred is as close as breath, not holy but true. Shamanic practitioners are often called upon when nothing else works and all usual methods and tools seem powerless. But shamans also help with balancing influences and attuning to everyday signs of necessary changes in families, workplaces and homes. Limiting stories may be generations old. Unresolved ancestral issues can oppress descendants until these pieces of our epi-genome DNA are acknowledged and released. Shamanism is esoteric but also pragmatic, working to remove influences which afflict or suppress natural strength and well being and to return original essence that has been traumatized away or possibly unintentionally ‘stolen’. When you have more of your original essence available to help you meet the challenges of life, you feel more confident, settled and solidly present.

‘Stories of Change’ – is a compilation of stories, insights, observations and records of healings relating to meeting radical change: in relationship to limiting stories, negative or positive influences and ancestral legacy.