Shamanic Inquiry, Practice & Healing

Drinking From the Sacred WellsacredwellSt.Mobhis Ireland

What is the sacred?  Where do you find it?  The sacred is as close as your own breath, your tears, your pulse. In the ancient shamanic tradition the sacred is life itself.  As a shamanic practitioner I renew my relationship to life and the sacred every moment I remain in flow. Even if I forget or am traumatized into a story of a seeming disconnection, I can not really sever myself from what lives in me. There is no separation. We embody what is sacred because we are alive in a playful conscious universe. We may choose to use this gift in a way that is not ‘helpful’, but as long as we live we have access to what is real and present in every moment.

‘Stories of Change’ – is a compilation of stories, insights, observations and records of experiences relating to the sacred.