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Corey Hitchcock
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& sickness heal each other.'

from a zen koan

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Holiday discounted services!

Any of these Shamanic or Geomantic services will be discounted (30%) if purchased here through PayPal by January 1st 2017.
Be sure to specify what you are purchasing in your message. Let me know if it is a Gift. For more details or questions call 530.273.8081 or email

*Your purchase will not have any expiration date, can be scheduled at your convenience, and can be used by you or purchased as a gift for family or friends.

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Solstice Specials for you!

What is available above

1. Personal Healing Session at my home near Grass Valley, CA. Value $150.+ now $105.

2. Personal Healing Session at your home (limited locations in greater SF Bay Area - Nevada County: Value $250.+ now $175.

3. Personal Reading, On skype or phone: Value $75.- now $52.50.

4. Personal Reading, in person. At my home near Grass Valley, CA.: Value $100.- now $60.

5. Geomantic Assessment for land/house remote plus a report sent as a pdf file. Value $200. - now $140.

6. Personal Healing Ritual At my home near Grass Valley CA: Value $150.+ now $105.

7. Participation in a Group Workshop or Daylong Event:
Value $60. - now $42.00.



Detail of painting Heart of the Forest, C. Hitchcock, 2014 mixed media on paper. Collection of True Nature Zendo.

A Fox contemplating Thanksgiving