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'..they will send you spinning in confusion if they can. After all they are spirochetes!'

'..Medicine and sickness heal each other.'

from a Zen koan

Encountering the Terrible Beauty
& Influence of Lyme's Disease

For shamanic practitioners, every illness or dis-ease is first a conversation between spirits: yours and the spirit source of the condition. Sometimes a dis-ease is an can ultimately become medicine for your soul in ways you can not fully see without looking closely at your relationship to it.

I tested positive for Lyme’s Disease, and Lyme co-infections in 2008. It was, in a way, a welcome diagnosis for symptoms that had kept me mystified for years. Oddly enough, it took me a while to realize I had the means to meet them directly. So I began to contact these tiny organisms living in my body. Who were they?...what did they 'want' or need from me? How we could possibly co-exist for my increasing health?

What I began to discover is that Lyme was a very efficient trickster. It tricks us with our own stories. It uses our brain to tell us things that are not really true and so debilitate us. It attaches happily to any story of inadequacy or hopelessness we may have forgotten we believe and plays our immune system like a keyboard.

On the physical plane, underlying stories of loss or trauma play a part in our body's immune response:
Soul Loss, in particular, grief, is a strong contributing factor in suppressed immune health and can create an 'attractiveness' for organisms like Lyme. It makes their job easier because It also contributes to a loss of personal drive and focus, both of which are needed to challenge Lyme's self-serving intention.
'In the years between my undetected infection(s) and the discovery of the organisms in my system, I was engaged in intense shamanic healing to resolve the effects of a series of tragic and traumatic losses in my family. I believe the clearing of these unresolved issues of heart and soul contributed significantly to my increased heath and well-being.'

Lyme will send you spinning in confusion if it can. After all they are spirochetes.

Some healing originates on the soul level, some on the physical. Both are important in finding your path back to health and beyond.

After an initial personal session I offer individual sessions tailored for you - a combination of guided visioning and healing process. This is for those challenged by Lyme who are at sufficient strenghth to meet it directly. I want to stress that this is empowering work to help overcome the dis-proportionate fear that often plagues lyme sufferers.

Classic Soul Return work is one vital way we can work together to restore your internal balance, integrity and holistic well-being. If you have more of your own powerful essence available to you, you are better able to deal with aspects of any health or life challenge.

Each encounter with these organisms will be unique, but it is very possible and positive to begin as soon as you can. You do not need to sign on to any larger belief system to benefit from this work.