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Corey Hitchcock
Shamanic & Geomantic
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'..everything is alive and related. We have only to remember our connectedness.'



One on One - Personal practice - A 'vessel' for an ongoing exchange -

A format to dive deep and explore what it means for you to have a personal shamanic practice - explore any emerging concern, moment of change, new project, family story, anything that seems to call out for your focus and attention.

This personally intentional work will help you build a set of basic skills to meet compassionate teachers in the parallel realms, and provide a means to deepen your understanding of the wisdom received in journeys - see your exchange develop over time.

During this extended, guided, shamanic inquiry, we will employ meditation, subtle body sensing, journeying, will create ritual objects and design personal rituals as needed.

Meetings will be 1-2 hours on weekday evenings, once a month or more as agreed upon, with shamanic 'homework' and 'Skype' or phone check-ins between sessions.

Let me know if you are interested in this advanced session work. Looking forward to working wiht you in this very special way. Corey

email or 530.273.8081



Above: Bolinas Lagoo in fog 2014 C. Hitchcock