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Corey Hitchcock
Shamanic & Geomantic

'Everything wants
to be round.'

Blessing Fixers 2016

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Past Green Drum Events

Jan 7th 2018 - Oakland - Explorations of Prayer
Meeting Your Allies & Fixing Their Blessings Journey Work & Art
'Journeying or 'Riding the drum' is embodied prayer and part of humanity's most ancient system of connecting with our intelligent universe – and a modality for meeting compassionate allies of parallel realms. As part of this session you will journey with the living drum to activate a relationship with a teacher - one who is already waiting for you. Your connection to this special ally was made as you came into being, created for you alone.

Meeting a Great Being requires a respectful acknowledgement of the blessings and messages brought forward in the encounter. more

November 19th 2018 Eating Ancient Virtue-Gifts from your wily ancestors!
Ancestors are family extending backward through time as far as your genetics will take you. They include ALL those who gave us the gift of life. We are here because of this long line of wily folks who made interesting survival choices that worked. We inherit, not only their bloodlines, but their talents, inclinations, ways of seeing and resulting life patterns... More

July 17th 2017 - Mapping Your Heart's Secret Path
Your Heart knows you better than your mind does. Your path to fulfillment and happiness is not accidental but synchronistic. Your child-self has no doubt tried to keep the 'adult you' on track with clues and even blunders. Other helpful encounters with people and places, or other living creatures have influenced and swayed you all along.

June 26th 2016 - A Geomantic Meander
The Earth speaks to us all the time....we have largely forgotten how to hear her subtle language, but we are capable of remembering, and for this Geomancy is our best entry and our own hearts, minds and bodies are our best tools. More....

April 20th 2016 - Stoking Your Green Fire
You are a unique expression of life, burning with your own special alchemical spark of experiences, aptitudes, affinities, ancestry and synchronous magic. Feeding this insistent little flame with focused delight creates a luminous bridge for next steps in your life.


February 7th 2016 - Little 'Blessing Fixers'
Receive & anchor blessings for the coming Lunar Year of the FIRE Monkey
'Blessings fixers ' are rituals and images that help all blessings and visions endure. The the I Ching an ancient and originally shamanic oracle, reminds us to honor the gifts we receive from spirit allies in this special way. A wonderful intimate way to fix any blessing


Oct 11th 2015 - The Secret Language of the Landscape: A Geomantic meander in a remarkable high country landscape. Look for for Geomantic Meanders coming up in 2016.


NOTE: information will be added when group dates are finalized. Email me for more info or to be added to my list for future notices. Payment for upcoming groups may be made in advance through PAYPAL or by check.



Above: Ancient Native Maidu cupules, Nevada County

About Green Drum Groups

We are participating together in a mystery called life. Ours is a wildly divergent time but also one of surprising abundance. Old forms are crumbling and the new have not yet fully taken hold. We are part of this seed change in the eye of the storm of change.

We need to allow time to be present with our hearts, slow down and listen.

These group offerings in shamanic technique combined with other subtle body sensing and visual expression, allow you to practice with others, to remember, learn, grow, and nurture what makes us delightfully and powerfully human!


Blessing Fixers 2016

Winnie RIP Sept 2016