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Corey Hitchcock
Shamanic & Geomantic
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'..everything is alive and related. We have only to remember our connectedness.'


A Geomantic Meander

coming in June Sunday $60. per person
9:00 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Do trees walk? Rocks sing? The Earth speaks to us all the time....we have largely forgotten how to hear her subtle language, but we are capable of remembering, and for this Geomancy is our best entry and our own hearts, minds and bodies are our best tools.
Geomancy is the ancient art of working in attuned connection with the consciousness of the Earth landscape, and all of her energetic influences.

Come join me for a daylong adventure in the subtle realms. We will carpool to a beautiful wild location in a nearby mountainscape. A late snow would change our destination slightly. A day of sensing, exploring, hiking, meditation and communing. A day to wander outside of ordinary time.

Hope you can join me.

Let me know if you are interested
RSVP or 530.273.8081
Register with the PayPal link below, or you can send a check
to hold your place in the circle. You will need asmall backpack with a lunch, notebook. Wear good hiking shoes & comfortable clothing, layers, hat, sunscreen, poles, Bring a swimsuit in case the weather is condusive! etc.. Directions and geomantic homework with registration.

Green Drum Events & Groups

Above: Canal in Snow 2014 C. Hitchcock

Shamanic journeying experience is not necessary but always helpful. This ability to ‘quest’ and ride the drum is alive in your genes, an ancient trace of our delightfully human connection to the living universe. Beginning journeyers are very welcome.
Bring drums and rattles if you have them.