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'..everything is alive and related. We have only to remember our connectedness.'



'Eating Ancient Virtue'* - Gifts from your wily ancestors! NOVEMBER 19th Saturday evening - 5:30pm - 9:30pm 2016

Ancestors: You have them even if you do not know all
of their names, they live in you. How did they do it I often wonder - survive all the hardships and uncertainties their lives presented? And yet we are facing our own dilemnas.

Ancestors are the ‘family’ which extends backward as far as your genetics will take you, through ALL those who gave us the gift of life. We are here because of this long line of wily folks who made interesting survival choices that worked.

We have the gift of life because of them, and inherit not only their bloodlines, but talents, inclinations, ways of seeing and sometimes life patterns.

There is always an 'above ground & below ground story' for every lineage. Hidden paths of lineage are important to discover and acknowledge.

Why not ask them for some insights, help & familial support?

What secrets might they tell us?

What specific gifts can they share with us - some we may not know about?

Do they need our help in any way?

What can we celebrate about their legacy & what would they want us to let go of?

Here's another interesting question..if everything is related in our living universe..Do we have other….
non-human… ancestors?

Lets explore these, and other related questionss together!
A warm, experiential, exploration. An evening shamanic visioning group plus a collective ancestral meal. Bring your questions, ancestral photos, and a favorite family food to share. Yum. Can't wait.

November 19th 2016 Saturday 5:30 – 9:30pm 
$60. Per person.
Shamanic journeying experience is not necessary, but helpful.

This ability is alive in your genes and part of what makes us human. Please call 530.273.8081 or email me here for more information or to register. You can register on

Green Drum Events & Groups

or send a check to reserve your space to:

Corey Hitchcock
c/o The Green Drum
111 Bank St. #311
Grass Valley, CA 95945

* From the I Ching – the great book of Change, originally based on ancient shamanic visions and characters.


Montage above from my family albums

My mother and her father in 1929