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Corey Hitchcock
Shamanic & Geomantic
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'..everything is alive and related. We have only to remember our connectedness.'

Transpersonal Medicine - Caring for Hearts & Souls

Shamanism and Geomancy are both ancient practices, sacred techniques, which cross at the roots of many cultures worldwide. We modern practitioners are 'go-betweens'. Like shamans of indigenous communities, we are travelers of the bridges between the spirit realms and material reality.

Riding the drum is humanity's most ancient system for connecting with our intelligent universe and meeting compassionate allies of parallel realms. Whatever the method or channel, we are searching out new perception for the care of hearts and souls, of living or departed beings.

'Soul Return', the core of this work, rekindles the spark of life, acknowledges and interrupts negative influences and stories, restores original essence, and calls in allies for empowerment and protection. Healing at this base level helps clear the way for success with other conventional / integrative medical approaches for chronic conditions.

This Challenge is for You

Is something you do not want to think about tugging at you for resolution or attention?
Do you see a pattern emerging in your life or focus?
Have you experienced a
loss you cannot reconcile?
Do you feel a longing for a more connected experience of life?
Is there a 'family' story? One that may repeat?
Are you aware of an influence you would like to be free from?

Whatever brings you to seek healing and insight will be unique to your life.
That is the beauty of this experience, a challenging situation is presented for YOU to solve,
in the perfect format to help you pay attention to it.
Opening to receiving this work is a first step toward the possibility of change.

Above: detail of 'Mountain Meadowland' painting 2014 C. Hitchcock, Collection of True Nature Zend