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'..everything is alive and related. We have only to remember our connectedness.'

A sacred glade, far inland, where traces of an undersea time are found in sandstone rocks embedded with fossil shells.

The Earth speaks to us all the time....we have largely forgotten how to hear her subtle language, but we are capable of remembering, and for this Geomancy is our best entry and our own hearts, minds and bodies are our best tools. Geomancy is the ancient art of working in attuned connection with the consciousness of the Earth landscape, and all of her energetic influences.

The word Geomancy was created from the combination of two words: 'Geo', or 'Gaia' for Earth, and ‘mancy’, which means divination. So, it means earth divination. Geomantic assessments engage all aspects of the human spirit as a divining medium. This deeply intimate sensing allows a 'soul to soul' exchange with the landscape itself. Something many of us may have experienced and remember from childhood.

Sign up to participate in the next Geomantic Meander with me. A day of exploring, sensing, exchanging nature to nature! Activate your own internal 'compass' in the living landscape. This is the heart of Geomancy.

Rocks moving in a landscape

Geomancy co-creates a ‘New Earth Consciousness’, in which humans partner with the Earth to heal the disrupted landscape, and expand our role as compassionate collaborators.

Practical Applications:
Geomantic Assessments & Cures

Geomantic Assessments combine intimate understanding of the landscape with geomantic cures to help land-owners and eco-system advocates pinpoint and ease any disruptions, brought about by human habitation in each landscape ‘holon’. Any of these elements may be the cause of serious Geomantic misalignments: Pollution of air land or water, damming or disruption of water systems or natural landmass flow, interruption of natural energy or ley lines, addition of power lines, mining, drilling, tragic events, battles, human and animal deaths etc.)

Through Geomancy we can be guided to help restore the energetic paths of depleted life force, undo damage to natural systems and structures, or resolve elemental and energetic confusion.
When natural Earth systems are disrupted, human and animal health is affected negatively. Children are especially sensitive to this kind of pollution. Adult sleep patterns may also be affected. Sometimes paranormal phenomena will appear with alarming consistency. These are not ghosts but directly due to disruptions of minerals deposits and water courses beneath the surface. If these intersect the footprint of a house their energetics will be felt. It is very important to address the base-line of these 'disturbances of the land'. There really is no separation; if the land is sick, generally so are those who inhabit it.

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