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Corey Hitchcock
Shamanic & Geomantic
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'..everything is alive and related. We have only to remember our connectedness.'


Teachers and influences

The ongoing interaction with compassionate allies and teachers in parallel realms is the the most immediate and experiential influence for my ongoing, evolving practice.

Along the way in my education I was fortunate enough to follow my heart and minor in Cultural Anthropology as an undergraduate. There I rediscovered the vast world of myth and fairytale. I treasure my large collection of myths and folk stories as important teachings of our evolutionary path as humans, ties to our mystical origins, receptacles of vast hidden knowledge and I refer to them often in this work.

After a debilitating family trajedy, I sought help from a shamanic practitioner, D. Pierson, who introduced me to the FSS 'core' teachings approach to this work. I began formal shamanic training in 1996, and continued with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in 2001, completing their two week and three year intensives, taught by Michael Harner and Alicia Luengas Gates, assisted by Amanda Foulger. This work was followed up by advanced sessions with wonderful teachers: Betsy Bergstrom of Seattle; Sandra Ingerman of Santa Fe and other traditional teachers.

'Hammer, Bone, Flame' 2007
20"x20" canvas, C. Hithcock in memory of murdered
Russian journalist Anna Politskoskiya


I was honored to receive my prayer name from Chumash Medicine Man, Grandfather Semu Huaute, and fortunate to receive an empowerment in the Tibetan Buddhist practice of CHOD from Lama Wangdhu of Nepal and Tibet. This practice is beautifully intact and closely tied to many classic shamanic practices for addressing hungry ghosts, out of sync elementals and wandering souls.

I have received valuable earth-holon teachings from Slovenian Geomancers, Ana and Marko Pogacnik, and have worked Geomantically throughout the U.S. I have lead earth-focused groups locally and in Spokane with shamanic practitioner and FSS faculty member Leon Sproule.

I would also like to thank teachers in other traditions: British Mythologist, Martin Shaw, indigenous 'contrarian' Woody Gruber of South Carolina, and phenomenal Zen Roshis John Tarrant, , Rachel Boughton & David Weinstein, all of Pacific Zen Institute.

The writings and insights of Foolscrow, Carl Jung, Louise Von Frans, Rudolph Steiner, Gaston Bachelard, Martin Prechtel, Mircea Eleiade, Simon Buxton, Tarthang Tulku, Anam Thubten and many others continue to inspire and instruct me.

Natural Tree Altar - photo C.Hitchcock

Michael HarnerMichael Harner Alicia luengas GatesAlicia Luengas Gates Betsy bergstromBetsy Bergstrom

Sandy IngermanSandra Ingerman

Grandfather HuauteGrandfather Semu Huaute Marko PogocnikMarko Pogacnik Lama WangdhuLama G. Wangdhu Ronpoche Amanda FoulgerAmanda Foulger Woody Gruber Rachel Boughton John Tarrant